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Located at Garden’s Galleria Mall & emerging as Noida’s trendiest social hub, Play Box is an Edutainment Family Fun Facility where parents and kids can let loose in a fun-filled, happy & playful environment. Playbox offers physical play opportunities enhancing a child’s motor skills, many activities to improve their cognitive development - giving kids a chance to develop socializing skills in a fun, no-stress environment! And if all this wasn’t enough, we also offer your family tasty, healthy refreshments at our in-house boutique cafe, Snack Box! We are THE parents ‘club’ that grown-ups can chill out at & destress with a coffee at Snack Box, whilst their child improves his learning skills, makes new friends and also strengthens his family bonds.


Our mission is to provide all guests with FUN, FOOD & PLAY experiences - promoting PLAYFUL learning as well as encouraging children to bond with their peers, help those who are less privileged and respect not just the environment but also their immediate community.


Our aim is to serve the community with the highest standards of edutainment & play practices in a safe, hygienic & certified ambience.


The Leisure and Entertainment sector is one of the fastest growing industries across the world and offers rewarding career opportunities. At Play Box, we are always on the look out for smart individuals, yet a child at heart, willing to do what it takes to create FUN for all the little ones who walk through our door! Life at Play Box brims with challenges and opportunities and allows YOU to align your dreams and aspirations with our goals. We do not decide your career progression plan, You do!! If you are interested in a rewarding and exciting career at Play Box, please send your resume to careers@playboxkids.com.

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