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Party Venue/Birthdays & Special Occasions

Are you looking for the perfect Party Venue to celebrate your child’s special ocassions? PLAYBOX can offer you two huge Party Rooms which can also be combined to make one LARGE PARTY VENUE! All our Party Packages are designed to have you covered end-to-end. Tell us about your child's expectations and your budget and we will tailor your celebration around them. From e-vites, to specially themed party decor, food, customised return gifts - every detail shall be covered by us! We don't believe in wasting, we know what children want & we do what is right! Grown Ups, we haven't forgotten you either! We have amazing pass around packages, you can choose from a range of our pass-around menu options that will have you nibbling on tasty tit-bits whilst you watch your cubs party, play & have loads of FUN!

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Have a budget that you want to stick to? Don’t worry, we can still offer your bundle of joy an amazing celebration that will meet both ur budget and your child's expectations! 

Great for fun-loving lil' ones who want to celebrate in a big way, we ensure they will love this groovy party. It will surely be a celebration to always remember and cherish! 

If you want to go ‘all out’ and celebrate your little one’s special day in a larger-than-life, grand style; then this party package is for you. You name it, we WILL make it happen!

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