WELCOME to Playbox

PLAYBOX is a unique play facility that is action packed, interactive, and loads of FUN! This is a space where kids call the shots by exploring and defining their own meaning of PLAY in a safe, clean and secure environment. It is the LARGEST play space in Delhi & NCR, located within Gardens Galleria Mall, Noida, that is exclusively for the 2-9 year old Cubs and their Parents too, who can relax at our café or bond through play. PLAYBOX is about its unique activities that promote social & peer interaction, cognitive development, creativity and imagination. 




Operational Days: Tuesday - Sunday

Operational Hours: 11am to 8pm

Play time: 60 minutes




My Name is J

J is a Cool Fox and the Creator of PLAYBOX.

He was born in the woods to loving parents who doted on him. As mankind destroyed all woods to make space for urban settlements, J lost both his family & his burrow. A kind farmer who had also lost his farm to such urbanization shared J’s sorrow and adopted him. 

J grew up humanized as a Clever, Caring, Intuitive and yet a Truly Street Smart FOX. He picked up many skills & traits as he explored the world & finally returned home, where his heart truly belonged.

J wanted a space for kids to imagine, play, explore, create & express themselves in a FUN yet safe environment. Hence PLAYBOX!

J is the heart of PLAYBOX! Parent's & kids, get ready for many new adventures with J, The Box Fox!


  • The LARGEST Play Area (14,000 sft) in Delhi
    & NCR dedicated to 2-9 year olds.
  • Conforming to the highest safety, security
    & hygiene standards as per European Norms.
  • Created passionately with attention to
    detail, to engage toddlers, kids and parents too !
  • Fully CCTV Monitored with Operator controlled
    Entry and Exit Points for your security.
  • Child Friendly Crew, handpicked & trained to
    provide players with engagement and abundant entertainment.
  • Dedicated Play Areas for the 2-4 Age Group and
    the 5-9 Age Group.
  • Exclusive Workshops and Activity Area targeting
    Kids and Parents. 52 weeks, 52 activities.
  • Purpose Built Party Rooms to host celebrations
    of all Kiddie and Kitty kind.
  • Boutique Café loaded with sumptuous treats for
    the kids, dad, mom and grand parents too.
  • The Perfect Retreat for Child-Parent Bonding.
    Social, Cognitive, Creative and Yet, Simply FUN!



We Foxes love exploring and that makes us Sharp, Smart and Strong. MY MAZE is filled with all the thrills, spills, rolls, slides, peep, shoot, swing, crawl and a trampoline too. Be the Explorer and Create your own Adventure and Live it Too!! Respect other Foxy Friends

Cubs need to play with Other Cubs and their Parents too. That’s the surest and safest way to learn your skills. MY BURROW is exclusively for toddlers aged 2-4. This fully foam padded toddler play area will have you GO BONKERS with plenty to do.

ShowBox is in essence a studio that will feature a variety of workshops and activities that are age specific to facilitate development, learning, bonding in a fun and playful environment. Parents can take part in Parents Only Workshops whilst

Parties ought to be SPECIAL!! At Party Box, J's Crew of party specialists will ensure that your occasion becomes a lasting memory. Choose from any of our 3 Signature Party Packages or ask us to Customize a special package JUST FOR YOUR OCCASION.

What can be better than a boutique cafe with a huge range of healthy, yummy snack options? Parents can grab a snack with their children or simply watch them play while they relax with a coffee! Our huge range of family-friendly recipes are bound to titillate both you

Preschoolers, Kindergartens & Primary Schools can host customised after school parties at PlAYBOX which can accomodate upto 60 kids and their teachers too. Schools can also participate in customized activities & workshops at PLAYBOX.


Stay abreast of the latest developments in children’s early learning and emerging trends in educational entertainment with our blogs & updates shared by industry professionals with in-depth knowledge of child psychology.

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