Published on : 28 May 2018
Attention, Moms & Dads!
This summer, instead of allowing your cubs to spend hours over a smart device at home, why not invest in your child's physical fitness, agility and over all cognitive development? Bring your kids down to Playbox & get them involved in meaningful, constructive, engaging activities that are not just a whole lotta FUN, but also create a lifetime of happy memories to remember & cherish forever!
Here's how a typical day at the Active Kids Summer Camp looks like: 
1. Kids check in to Playbox. Moms and Dads can chill at Snackbox Café or go for a round of retail therapy inside Gardens Galleria Mall. 
2. Warm up session – prepping cubs for the vigorous fitness routines ahead. 
3. 30 mins of Cross Fitness – which aim to improve a growing child’s Flexibility, Endurance, Gross Motor Skills, and overall Cognitive Development. 
4. 15 mins of a Customized Martial Arts routine – designed to build strength and teach kids the importance of basic Self-Defense Techniques.
5. 60 mins of Play & a Fun Treasure Hunt at our age demarcated play zones – kids get to play tag, hide-n-seek and improve both Agility and Observation Skills.
6. Snack Break for some much needed refreshment to reinvigorate depleting energy levels. 
7. 30 mins of a Creative Playtivity/Fun with Science Experiment – to allow your cub’s imagination & exploration skills to run riot.
8. Take Home Quiz – Cubs take home a coloring sheet home with an Aesop’s Fable on it. They have to color it in, get their parents to tell them the story, write it down and then bring it back the next day to Playbox to win a prize! This encourages both Creativity, Parent Child Bonding, as well as Leadership skills as a child’s score is put up on the Leaderboard at Playbox Kids and the cubs can track their own scores. 
So what are you waiting for? Come on down to Playbox Kids with your lil' cub & his friends and REGISTER NOW!
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